Handyman Courses from Access Training Academies

Handyman Courses from Access Training Academies

Handyman courses

Specialising in general home repairs and domestic maintenance, a handyman is very much a 'Jack of all trades'. Covering everything from hanging picture frames to building flatpack furniture, a good handyman will be well-versed in the art of small jobs within the homestead – after all, why should Thor get to be the only hero with a hammer?

If you're a dab hand with a drill and a superstar with a spanner, you yourself could have the makings of a fine handyman (or handywoman). Do you have the skills to pay the bills? Become a doctor of DIY and take your domestic talents to the next level with a handyman course from Access Training

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Why take a handyman course?

Whether you want to set up your own handyman business or simply brush up on some essential domestic skills, a handyman course can be a great way to broaden your horizons and enhance your abilities. Here at Access Training, we offer a number of handyman courses that will help you gain the skills and knowledge to complete a number of jobs around the home. 

Completing a handyman course will allow you to easily overcome common home maintenance issues, save money on household repairs, and, best of all, provide you with the necessary knowledge and understanding to be independent within the home. Learning handyman skills can also be a great asset if you're looking to remodel or renovate your home.

Outside of that, handyman skills can be a great way to supplement your income by carrying out odd jobs for others. Better still, a relevant training course could even provide you with a solid base on which to build your very own business. You might find that after completing our DIY carpentry course, you get a taste of the trade and go on to become a qualified carpenter!


Which handyman course is right for me?

Often grouped together under the banners of 'property maintenance courses' or 'home maintenance courses', handyman courses offer a whole host of useful domestic skills to learn. From plumbing and bricklaying to painting and decorating, the list of handyman courses available across the UK is vast and wide-ranging. Finding the right one for you can depend largely on your specific needs and aspirations.

Here at Access Training, we offer handyman courses in carpentry and in plastering - two skills that can be really essential in the home! If you want to complete a trade course so that you can go beyond being a handyman in your own home and offer your services to others, then we'd recommend taking a look at our professional trade courses. We offer electrical courses, plumbing courses, gas courses, and more.

The right handyman course for you will be determined by what you want to do with it! To pick up a few skills to use in your own home, choose our DIY courses. To learn a trade and become a professional handyman, be sure to check out our Essential trade courses. 


Our DIY training courses

At Access Training, we offer two primary DIY courses, both of which are designed to help you become more independent in the home and give you the functional expertise to easily overcome typical household headaches.

The DIY courses currently available from Access Training are:

  • DIY Carpentry Course - From tool handling and basic cutting to hanging doors and fitting locks, our DIY Carpentry Course covers a wide variety of tasks in order to help you improve your practical carpentry skills around the home.
  • DIY Plastering Course - From mixing plaster to preparing surfaces and skimming walls, our DIY Plastering Course will help you create beautiful smooth walls to paint and decorate.

Become a professional handyman

In addition to the DIY courses outlined above, we also provide a number of other 'Essential' courses that are ideal for anyone looking to get to grips with a skill they've never tried before. These are great starting points if you'd like to become a professional handyman and share your new-found skills with the local community.

These include:

These entry-level courses may be considered a step up from the DIY level, providing a superb foundation if you're looking to turn professional in the near future.

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: To help our learners stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering live online training sessions. This means that you can participate in virtual classroom sessions from the comfort of your own home and rewatch each tutorial as many times as you wish. Of course, there's no substitute for hands-on experience, so the practical portion of your training course will still be delivered in person at our fully-equipped training centre. Contact Access Training now to find out more about our unique training packages.


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