The Best Boilers in 2016: A Guide for Buying Your New Boiler

The Best Boilers in 2016: A Guide for Buying Your New Boiler

Has your boiler seen a few too many winters? Are you starting to get lukewarm showers and weak flowing taps? Perhaps it’s time for you to get a new one.

Boilers made today are of a much higher quality and efficiency than those built 10-15 years ago, and so it definitely is worth keeping up to date. Today’s standards of boiler building ensures that the new products have the maximum energy efficiency of 90%, and will be more cost efficient as a result. 

If you’re thinking of getting a new boiler, but don’t know much about them, then read on!

What’s Good?

The most common boiler installed into UK homes are combi boilers, due to their simplicity and usefulness. These consist of both central heating and hot water, which are provided in one appliance by heating the mains water supply when in demand. 

In comparison to regular types, which require cylinder installations to function, the combi boilers save a lot of room and energy, making them the most popular and efficient choice in today’s market. 

The best combi boilers of 2016 are essentially much the same as those in 2015, with three main brands dominating the market: Worcester, Vaillant, and Ideal. However, other competitor brands of excellent quality are Baxi, Potterton, Alpha, Glow Worm, and Vokera, which are also praised for their reliability and ErP compatibility. 

Here are the top five models we have chosen for you new buyers - happy shopping!

Baxi EcoBlue+ 24 (For Small Properties)

Able to fit into the tightest of spaces (300mm), this is the most compact boiler released by Baxi, and is perfect for smaller properties like bungalows and flats. 

With a max central heating output of 20KW and a domestic hot water flow rate of 9.8litres/minute, this efficient machine provides plenty of power for smaller homes.

This boiler, as are most, is ErP Compliant, and its energy efficiency has been known to save homeowners £300+ a year on gas bills! 

Worcester Greenstar 34CDI (For Medium Properties)

One of the UK’s most popular combi boilers, this is perfect for medium to large properties. 

Its ability to provide high levels of central heating and hot water is due to its whopping power output of 30KW, and high DHW flow rate of 14.3 litres/minute. 

Extremely efficient and economical, this boiler will serve any medium sized household well and will even manage properties on the larger side.

Baxi EcoBlue Advance 40 (For Large Properties)

With an impressive 32KW power output and a DHW flow rate of 16.4 litres/minute, this incredible boiler is fit to power the larger properties with a very high hot water demand. 

This comes with a lenient 10 year warranty, and regardless of its excellent reliability, there is a safety net should something go wrong. 

With easy installation and fitting design, ErP compliance and a range of plug in Baxi timers available, this boiler is at the top of the competitor chain. 

Vaillant EcoTec Plus 832 (For Medium Properties) 

As the newest addition to the Vaillant EcoTec Plus range, the 832 model is its most up-to-date unit, highly equipped with top of the range boiler technology. 

With low energy usage and a high efficiency pump, this boiler saves considerably on gas bills, and saves a lot of space without the need to install a water cylinder unit or storage tank in the loft. 

This boiler has a respectable power output of 24.7KW, a considerable DHW flow rate of 13 litres/minute, and will efficiently power any medium sized household saving you some money while it’s at it!

Ideal Logic Plus 24 (For Small Properties)

Despite a significant power output of 24.4KW and a DHW flow rate of 9.9 litres/minute, this very compact unit fits snugly into small properties. 

With the latest energy conservation developments and efficient design, this unit provides the ‘ideal’ package for those thinking about replacing their boiler in a small property. 

What Next?

If you liked the sound of any of these boilers and eventually get down to buying your own, there are many gas engineers out there ready to install and service your boilers. 

However, please ensure that your gas boiler is fitted properly and safely by a true professional.

Any gas engineer trained and taught at Access Training is certain to be of the highest standard, having been trained using the best facilities and by the most highly experienced tutors. 

Or, if you or somebody you know would like to fit your own boilers by yourselves, then why not become a qualified gas engineer? 

Not only will you be able to fit your own boilers and fix any of your own domestic gas issues, but you can also become a professional gas engineer, and make it your job!

Call us today on 0800 345 7492 to find out about what trades courses we have on offer. Our course advisers are always on hand to offer any advice and guidance. 

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