As our most recent summer fades away, the days are getting shorter and colder and we start the dreaded march into frosty mornings and pitch-black evenings. Not to mention those pesky heating bills that sky-rocket as soon as it hits September...

...Or is that really the case? A recent survey conducted by home heating oil specialists Emo Oil has revealed that central heating is actually used constantly throughout the summer, with households turning it up as soon as the evening chill arrives.

In the survey of 1,084 UK homeowners, over a third (36%) of the country resorted to using central heating during the summer months, while only 29% claimed to be putting on warmer clothes when the temperature dropped. An additional 22% spoke of using water bottles, and an honest 9% admitted to cuddling up for warmth, between May and September of this year. 

The general speculation among tradespeople across the country is that gas engineers face a significant lapse in work during the summer months, due to the fact that people tend not to use their central heating systems so often. However, that perception clearly couldn’t be further from the truth. 

It is frankly extraordinary that homeowners across the UK are using their boilers and heaters so much throughout the summer, especially considering that recent summers have seen hottest recorded days and months. 

This aside, it is certainly very good news for our gas engineers, who not only have to install these boilers, but who also service, maintain and fix them when they inevitably go wrong. 

Not only are they in clearly enormous demand in the winter time, with frost and cold weather making gas appliances more likely to become faulty, but they won’t get much chance to enjoy the summer weather either - they’ll be so busy! 

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