Plumbing training still worthwhile as report shows industry growth

Fresh research in the Builders and Plumbers’ Merchants’ Market report shows that it is still a great time to begin plumbing training. Many candidates may have been nervous about entering a career and starting plumbing training during a time of economic turbulence, yet these new facts and figures show that, despite a downturn when the recession bit, the plumbing industry is still flourishing. In fact in 2010 the market recovered and this recovery has held firm throughout 2011.

The report also highlighted many things which prospective plumbing training candidates should know about before entering their trade. More so than ever before, the plumbing industry is directly influenced by how well the UK building and construction sectors perform. When times are hard for those involved in new-build, maintenance, improvement and repair projects, plumbers are likely to suffer too.

It appears that the old beliefs about plumbing still hold true, even when times are hard. If you have a good trade under your belt, you could well find that you are in demand even when money is tight across the country. If you are considering enrolling on a plumbing training course, it looks like this really in a trade for life.

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