Rebooting Your Electrician, Gas, or Plumbing Qualification With Access Training

Rebooting Your Electrician, Gas, or Plumbing Qualification With Access Training



Have you ever started your journey to becoming a qualified electrician, gas engineer, or plumber but life got in the way? Perhaps you started your NVQ training but had to put it on hold due to unforeseen circumstances. If this is the case for you, Access Training is here to help you get back on track and achieve your qualifications – even if you started your journey elsewhere.

My Trades Course Cancelled, What Can I Do?

We understand the frustration of having your training program cancelled. It can be a huge setback, leaving you wondering what to do next. This is where we can help you pick up the pieces and get the ball rolling again! We offer a unique approach that recognizes your previous efforts.

Pick Up Right Where You Left Off

Transitioning to Access is seamless. We offer routes into training for different skill levels, from beginner to experienced tradespeople to make it accessible for anyone. Have you completed some units of your qualification already?  Do you have several years of practical experience under your belt?  No problem!  We can find you an option that leverages your existing knowledge and skills, minimising redundancy and maximising your time.

Webinars: Targeted Learning at Your Pace

Our comprehensive online webinars provide a clear and structured learning environment. Our flexible webinars process will allow you to complete your online learning as quickly as you like. The webinars are all available for you to watch live - or if you prefer, they are all recorded so you can watch them at a time that is more suitable for you. The flexible process also means you can spend more time focusing on the specific areas of the theory that you feel you may need a refresher on. While some in-depth revision is recommended for all sections to ensure success in the theory exams, our approach lets you prioritise efficiently.

Jump Right to the Practical Training

Once you have completed your online training and webinars, you can jump right into the examination process. We offer mock exams to help you gauge your readiness for the actual test. Pass the mock exam, and you'll be well on your way to completing the practical training and achieving your qualification.

Continuing Your NVQ Qualifications with Access Training

  • Electrical NVQ level 3: We'll equip you with the expertise to handle all aspects of electrical installation, testing, and maintenance, ensuring homes and businesses are safe and compliant
  • NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing and Heating: Intended for experienced plumbers who already have a good working knowledge of the relevant plumbing techniques and theory. This qualification allows you to get your Blue Card and work onsite as a qualified plumber. 

How is the NVQ Structured?

NVQ qualifications offer you a way to apply your theoretical knowledge into practice, demonstrating practical skills on-site or through a placement. Access has different NVQ routes depending on what you’re looking to achieve and which trade you are interested in. Speak to our Course Advisors for a full breakdown of course structure and training options. 

There's a critical shortage of qualified tradespeople in the UK, and your skills are valuable. Access Training is here to help you bridge the gap and achieve your career goals. Speak to our knowledgeable course advisors today. They'll assess your existing qualifications and experience, and inform you of the fastest path for you to become a certified electrician, gas engineer, or plumber, securing a stable and rewarding career. Don't let a paused training program hold you back any longer.

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