Construction Skills Shortage: Are Construction Workers in Demand?

Construction Skills Shortage: Are Construction Workers in Demand?

Are construction workers in demand

New research has recently revealed that 83% of businesses within the construction industry are currently feeling the strain from a lack of skilled workers.

This has left many people wondering whether construction workers are in demand now more than ever due to the construction skills shortage.


What is the Shortage Occupation List? (SOL)

The UK government has recently added more construction roles to the Shortage Occupation List.

The Shortage Occupation List (SOL) is a list of skilled occupations where UK employers face a shortage of workers. Occupations on this list are eligible for the skilled worker visa which enables employers to access a wider selection of skilled workers quickly and effectively. 

Those who choose to apply and work in a shortage occupation will be paid 80% of the job's usual 'going rate' and still qualify for a visa, with an added lower visa application fee. 


Construction Worker Courses

At Access Training, we're lucky to be able to offer some of the most rewarding and educational construction courses for people to start working in construction. 

Construction is an incredible varied and exciting trade, which is why we offer a selection of construction courses, including: 

If you require more experience or confidence before starting one of our carpentry courses, we also offer the Access Apprenticeship Scheme with guaranteed job opportunities and a starting wage of between £25,000-£28,000 within the construction industry. 

We offer plumbing apprenticeships, electrician apprenticeships and gas engineer apprenticeships which will allow you to develop your construction skills. Who knows, you may then enrol onto one of our professional construction courses?

Paid Trade Apprenticeships


Are You Ready to Become a Construction Worker?

Gain industry-recognised construction qualifications and grow the industry by becoming a construction worker today. 

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