Causes of Stress for Tradesmen: How To Improve Workplace Wellbeing

Causes of Stress for Tradesmen: How To Improve Workplace Wellbeing


We recently published a blog post for World Mental Health Day to discuss the findings of the 2022 Mental Health in the Trades report, where it was found that 4 in 5 tradespeople experience mental health issues due to their job.

This is a staggering amount, and to continue with our aim of awareness surrounding mental health issues in the trade industry, we're going to take a deep dive into the causes of stress, and how you can improve workplace wellbeing.


What are the top causes of stress for tradesmen?

According to the report, these are some of the top causes of stress for tradesmen are as follows:

  1. Finances

  2. Tensions with customers

  3. High workload

  4. Job security


How to Improve Workplace Wellbeing: Finance Issues

In our current economy, there's no surprise that finance issues are the leading cause of stress within the trade industry, and probably many other industries, too. It can often feel like we work to live, and we live to work - it's an endless cycle that can feel restricting, leading to mental health issues. 23 million working-age adults do not feel confident planning for their financial future, so here are a few things that employers can do to alleviate this:

  • Provide financial advice and guidance
  • Pay a fair and liveable wage
  • Promote an open-door policy surrounding money struggles
  • Support in-work progression 

For more information on how to support your employees through a money crisis, there are many valuable resources available on the CIPD website.


How to Improve Workplace Wellbeing: Tensions with Customers

If you work in the trade industry, then it is extremely likely that your job will involve working around, and with, many different people. As a tradesperson, you are expected to work around customers on the daily. Some days, this can be enjoyable, but some days, you may have to interact with customers that are difficult to deal with. 

In moments like this, it's important to note that there are many factors at play in a stressful situation such as this. As a tradesperson, your work is essential, and you are the skilled person qualified to carry it out.

Someone's boiler may have leaked, or their plumbing has gone kaput - these are stressful situations within themselves, and unfortunately, customers may take their stress out on the wrong person. When you take a step back and realise that it isn't personal, you will be able to gain clarity and rationalise the situation.

Whilst this doesn't eradicate the stress of the scenario, it should reduce the emotional effects of a somewhat difficult interaction.


How to Improve Workplace Wellbeing: High Workload

If you've got a job in the trades then there's no denying that the workload can be stressful. As with every job, there are ways in which you can learn to manage your workload better to have a more fulfilling and stress-free work day. A high workload is unsurprisingly one of the leading causes of stress for tradesmen - so here's what you can do to manage a heavy workload: 

  1. Take regular breaks: take breaks to rest and recuperate between tasks to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed. 
  2. Set achievable deadlines: be honest with yourself about how long it takes you to complete tasks to avoid pressure and looming deadlines.
  3. Learn to prioritise: you can't do everything all at once! Prioritise the tasks that need your attention first to get them out of the way. 

Most importantly, it's vital that you know your limits. Talk to your peers or family members about your stress to rationalise whether you're dealing with an excessive workload, or whether you need to manage your tasks more efficiently. If it gets too much, remember to have a discussion with your employer about your issues and the effects they are causing you.


How we help our students at Access Training

There is, undeniably, a stigma surrounding mental health in the trades - to the point where some tradespeople may feel as though they cannot speak out about their own battles. At Access Training, we want you to know that your anxieties will always be listened to, and met with solutions.

We'll be there every step of the way whilst you carry out your studies with us through our expert advice and guidance, and we'll be there long after through our ongoing career support service.

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