A-Level Results Day: What Are Your Options?

A-Level Results Day: What Are Your Options?

It’s fast approaching that dreaded time of year. Those weeks since your last exam have flown by, and now you’re faced with the day you never thought would actually come: #ALevelResults.

Yes, Results Day. It’s here, and now the reality kicks in. Some of you, of course, might feel confident driving to the school to pick up your results, happy with your effort and confident that you’ll get the results you need to do whatever it is you’d like to do, whether you go on to university or not. If this is the case, congratulations!

However, there will be many who are quite naturally dreading the prospect of opening that envelope and reading those fatal letters. With the heap of pressure placed on that very moment, it might feel like your whole world is ready to collapse, and all prospect of a decent future hanging on by a single thread.

But that certainly is not the case. Regardless of your results, happy with them or not, there are always other open routes through life which don’t depend on your ability to perform well in exams.

Read this article to refresh your mind of the options open to you; and remember, it isn’t the end of the world if results day isn’t how you hoped it would be.

1. University

The ideal option perhaps, but not for everybody. If you’re the academic type and get the results you need, or if you know what course you’d like to study and you feel excited to venture forth on your chosen path, then what are you waiting for?! University is probably the right way to go for you.

However, not everybody feels this way. Although almost half of today’s students decide to go to university, not all of those are sure about their decision, and some might not even want to go at all.

University isn’t the only way of getting through life with success - there are plenty of other options if university isn’t up your street.

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Infographic: University or Trade?

2. Get a Job

Option two is to leap out of the education ship and into the ocean of the employment world.

For some, going to university would mean spending at least three extra years trapped in the boring confinement of of education, and nothing could possibly seem worse. 

Providing for yourself is certainly a gratifying part of becoming employed after school, and if you have the right work ethic and attitude, it could be the right thing for you.

Good jobs are admittedly hard to come by, especially after coming straight from school and perhaps having little experience. However, everybody has to start somewhere, and one small job might put you on the right path to a successful career.

3. Gap Year

If your results aren’t what they hoped, or even if they are but you aren’t sure what you want to do with them, taking a gap year is often a very good idea. 

Taking a gap year can give you the time you need to decide what it is you’d like to do, while giving you the opportunity to work, travel, study, or perhaps improve upon the results you had last year.

As well as this, gap year students are often credited by employers as being more mature and dependable than non-gap year students in general. This makes sense, as gap years teach you how to live sustainably and independently in the adult world.

Whatever you eventually decide to go in for, taking a gap year will better prepare you as an all-round individual, and with more time to spend thinking about what you want to do, you are far more likely to choose a path that makes you happiest.

4. Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have always served thousands of aspiring workers by preparing them for successful and prosperous careers in all walks of life, be it trades, accounting, and many others.

Learning through experience and practice is often proven to be far more effective than simply learning in theory, and this is what apprenticeships centre their learning around. You can obtain a useful qualification without it feeling like you’re being schooled. Not only that, but you’re also getting paid while you’re learning.

Although apprenticeships are becoming less popular than the more intense fast-track course, they are still popular, effective and low-cost ways of getting your foot in the door of a secure career.

5. Private Colleges

Many people today are finding that attending a private college is a more dependable way to guarantee yourself strong career prospects.

By investing some money into your future at a private college, you can guarantee the highest quality of teaching and focus on you, in minimum sized classes and the best facilities. Private colleges are renowned for being intense but efficient learning machines, and tend to obtain the best results.

Although apprenticeships are usually free to attend, private colleges deliver a far superior standard of teaching, whereas university courses are far more expensive and yet do not adhere to such premier levels of learning.

In addition to this, university and apprenticeship courses typically take years to complete, whereas the fast-track courses offered by many private colleges take only a matter of weeks.

Read here to find out more advantages of fast-track courses over apprenticeship and university courses.

If a private college sounds like the best option for you, why not get in touch with Access Training. Access Training is a private college which offers the highest quality trades training for those thinking of starting a new career, or looking to get into the trades industry.

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