What does the skill shortage mean for you?

What does the skill shortage mean for you?

In September, the number of job vacancies for skilled tradespeople was above 40,000 for the first time since records began. Construction firms are now experiencing a large absence of available qualified tradespeople to fill positions. Battling material shortages and delays, as well as a dwindling workforce, firms are putting out the call for more skilled workers to carry out the rising demand for construction work. But despite rising salaries, higher rates, and plenty of work opportunities, it’s still a difficult feat to meet their needs. In the first week of November, 221,000 adverts were posted across all sectors, taking the number of advertised roles up to a record high of 2.68 million, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, which tracks the number of job vacancy adverts.


With vacancies already at a notable high, Ian Anfield, the managing director of payroll firm Hudson Contract, suggests that the numbers are going to continue to rise. Although the end of lockdown support schemes helped get a number of people back into work, ‘there is still stiff competition for skilled labour and plenty of work for those who want it’,


If the strain on the trade workforce has shown any positives, it has highlighted the opportunities available to people looking to join the sector. The industry needs more workers, and, once qualified, the job possibilities are there waiting for you. To get involved, get working, and get earning, call Access Training today.

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