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Your Bespoke Bricklaying Course

At About Access Training, we pride ourselves on offering truly flexible bricklaying courses. We understand that work, family, and other commitments might be an issue – many have been put off pursuing a new trade because accredited training courses typically takes years to complete, and this is a lot to commit to.

However, all of our bricklaying courses are structured to get you fully certified in weeks, providing a flexible training experience that fits around your existing commitments. Give us a call on 0800 345 7492 to discuss your options with an Access Training course advisor.

Why train with us?

Our professional bricklaying courses are designed to get you fully qualified and certified in the bricklaying industry irrespective of your age, gender, background, or previous experience. Whether you’re a bricklaying novice or an experienced professional, we have a bricklaying course to suit your personal circumstances and help you to get your foot in the door within a short space of time.

Here’s some more information on why our bricklaying training courses are so popular:
Our training courses are designed to earn you full accreditation in your chosen field, enabling you to pursue a professional career right away.
We understand the importance of hands-on experience when learning a new trade. Our tutors will ensure that you know how to put the theory into practice.
We like to keep our training classes small to ensure that everyone gets plenty of face-to-face time with their tutor.
Our pass rates are very high, proving that it doesn’t have to take years to get fully certified and qualified in a practical skill.
We boast incredible modern training facilities, offering you a truly realistic bricklaying experience.
If none of our bricklaying training courses are exactly what you’re looking for, fear not – we offer bespoke courses, specifically tailored to your needs.
Access Training’s bricklaying courses are completely flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace and fit everything in with your existing commitments.
As well as bricklaying courses, we also offer a variety of other skill-based training courses to help further your career.

I Have Previous Bricklaying Experience!

Much like any other industry, bricklaying as a profession is always changing. Our bricklaying training packages are popular among professional bricklayers, who visit us to brush up on their skills, expand their knowledge and learn any new techniques that have arisen recently.

Though we do offer bricklaying courses for those with no experience, we can also cater for those with plenty of experience, helping you remain a cut above the competition within your profession.
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