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Course Overview

Bricklaying is an incredibly useful skill to have, with numerous applications on domestic and commercial buildings, it is always a skill that’s in demand. If you would like to master your bricklaying skills, Access Training’s Essential bricklaying course will suit your requirements perfectly.

This course can be tailored to ensure that you learn the skills that interest you most. Here are some examples of what we can teach you:
  • Calculating required quantities for each job
  • Pointing face brickwork
  • Various brickwork bonds (English, Flemish, Stretcher)
  • Cutting bricks and blocks
  • Inserting lintels/windows
No prior experience is required to enrol on this training programme. You will be mentored by professional bricklayers with many years of experience in the trade, and under their watchful eyes, you will become competent enough to deal with a variety of common brickwork jobs. See Areas Covered below for a more detailed idea of this course’s content.

Who can enrol on the basic bricklaying course?

We recommend the basic bricklaying programme to anyone who wishes to learn the essentials of bricklaying, particularly those with little or no prior experience of the trade. The course was developed with beginners and novices in mind, and our candidates tend to find this programme far more accessible than advanced courses that presume some prior knowledge on the part of students.

Of course, we are still happy to hear from candidates who already have some bricklaying experience – we frequently help such individuals to refresh their skills and bring their knowledge up to date – and those who need vital qualifications to prove their existing skills.

What certification will I receive?

Once you have completed our bricklaying course, you will be given an accredited certificate to show that you attended and completed the course successfully. You will also have built up a solid understanding of bricklaying techniques, and this will allow you to undertake a variety of domestic bricklaying jobs.

Areas Covered

  • Calculating the number of bricks required
  • Calculating required mortar quantities
  • How to use bricklaying tools and equipment
  • Using ties in cavity walling, pillars and piers
  • Stretcher bond brickwork
  • English bond brickwork
  • Flemish bond brickwork
  • English garden wall bond brickwork
  • Cutting bricks (bat, half bat, quarter bat)
  • Pointing face brickwork
  • Inserting a lintel or window
One of the many benefits of training with us is the option to select the units you wish to cover over the course of your training programme. If there is a specific area not mentioned above that you would like us to include in your course structure, please don’t hesitate to let us know – we will do whatever we can to accommodate you.

What can I do after completing the basic bricklaying course?

Once you have finished this course, we strongly recommend undertaking additional training to broaden your skillset. This will enable you to carry out an even wider range of domestic work and potentially earn yourself even more money that would otherwise be spent by customers hiring professional tradespeople.

We offer the following foundation-level courses in the following disciplines:

About Access Training Academies

We are one of the UK’s top training providers, offering a range of accredited trade training courses for candidates of all experience levels. We have helped thousands of people to start lucrative new careers in the trade of their choice; we also help established trade professionals to update their skills via our courses.

Here are some of the benefits of training with us:
  • In-depth tuition from industry professionals
  • Flexible courses that allow you to learn what you want to learn
  • State-of-the-art training centres, accessible from across the UK
  • Enhanced online assessments
If you would like to find out more about our basic bricklaying course and how to enrol, please contact us at your earliest convenience.
Not the right course?

I Have Previous Bricklaying Experience!

Much like any other industry, bricklaying as a profession is always changing. Our bricklaying training is often used by professional bricklayers to brush up on their skills, expand their knowledge and learn any new techniques that have arisen recently. Though we do offer bricklaying courses for those with no experience, we can also cater for those with plenty of experience, helping you remain a cut above the competition within your profession.

Successful Students

“I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I developed my skills. The ability to practice each task repeatedly improved my skills markedly.”
John Ball
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