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Course Overview

If you are a complete beginner, our DIY bricklaying course is the ideal choice for you. You will learn all of the practical skills required to carry out a variety of bricklaying tasks at home, saving you the cost and hassle of hiring a professional.

This training programme may be regarded as a foundation level course for those who wish to learn the following:
  • How to use bricklaying tools
  • How to calculate required quantities of bricks/mortar
  • How to cut bricks
  • Various bonds (Stretcher, English, Flemish, English garden wall)
You will learn in your own training area with one of our specialist bricklaying tutors, who will help you to master all the necessary skills and knowledge whilst answering any questions you might have along the way.

Who is this course for?

The DIY bricklaying course is designed for beginners who would like to learn how to perform bricklaying work in a DIY/home improvement capacity. It can also serve as a good entry point for those looking to turn bricklaying into a new career, although you may find that our Professional Bricklaying Course is better-suited to this goal.

Our training centres are accessible from right across the UK, meaning that just about anyone can train with us. No matter how old you are or what your background is, we would be more than happy to hear from you!

What will I achieve at the end of this course?

Once you have finished your course, you will be given a certificate to affirm that you attended and completed our DIY bricklaying programme. You will also be given the option to sit an examination covering everything you have learned; this exam is not mandatory, but passing it may prove beneficial if you are keen to proceed onto another course.

Areas Covered

Your bricklaying course can be tailored to meet your requirements and ambitions. You may choose to cover any or all of the following units:
  • Calculating the number of bricks needed per m2 of wall surface
  • Learning what tools and equipment are needed and how to use them
  • Using ties in cavity walling, pillars and piers correctly
  • Stretcher bond brickwork
  • English bond brickwork
  • Flemish bond brickwork
  • English garden wall bond brickwork
  • Cutting bricks correctly (bat, half bat, quarter bat)
  • Pointing face brickwork
  • Inserting a lintel or window

Progress routes

We offer a number of other DIY training courses that you may choose to undertake after completing your bricklaying course; alternatively, you can choose to complete multiple DIY courses as a ‘package’ training experience.

Other available DIY courses include: We also offer an NVQ Level 2 Certification for Experience Bricklayers if you wish to take your bricklaying training to a more advanced level.

Reasons to train with us

  • Our flexible courses allow you to learn what you want without getting in the way of your other commitments
  • Our specialist training staff boast years of professional experience in their respective trades
  • Our training centres are equipped with everything you’ll need to learn your chosen skill
Interested in joining our DIY bricklaying course? Get in touch now to learn more!
Not the right course?

I Have Previous Bricklaying Experience!

Much like any other industry, bricklaying as a profession is always changing. Our bricklaying training is often used by professional bricklayers to brush up on their skills, expand their knowledge and learn any new techniques that have arisen recently. Though we do offer bricklaying courses for those with no experience, we can also cater for those with plenty of experience, helping you remain a cut above the competition within your profession.

Successful Students

“The course has allowed me to work with a company to gain experience then I will go self employed.”
Kevin Hart
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