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Course Overview

Our Dry Lining Course is a very practical, hands-on training programme that is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out a variety of common dry lining tasks.

Your dry lining training course will teach you how to:
  • Select the right tools for the job
  • Measure and cut correctly
  • Fix plasterboards to a number of different surfaces
  • Sand down and seal in preparation for a decorative finish
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Who can enrol?

Since no experience is required to join our dry lining training course, practically anyone can enrol. The only requirement is that you must be over the age of 18; beyond that, age, is no object, and the same goes for gender, race, and background. Everyone is welcome here at Access Training Academies!

This course is ideal for a tradesperson who wishes to add new abilities to their skillset. It is also suitable for non-tradespeople who simply wish to learn dry lining skills in order to complete their own home renovation projects.

What will I achieve?

Successful candidates will be awarded a City & Guilds qualification to serve as proof of the skills and knowledge that they gained on our dry lining training course. This certification can be used to access more advanced training courses, or even as a jumping-off point for a new career in a relevant trade.

Units covered

  • Health, safety, and the correct use of tools
  • Measuring and cutting plasterboards correctly
  • Fixing plasterboards to stud work (including windows and doors)
  • Fixing plasterboards to fit internal and external angles
  • The ‘dot and dab’ technique (direct bonding of plaster board to walls)
  • Taping internal and external flush joints
  • Applying different types of beads (including angle and stop beads)
  • Using joint filler and joint cement correctly
  • Sanding down and sealing, leaving a smooth finish for decoration

Progress routes

If, having completed your dry lining course, you wish to undertake further training, we at Access Training can offer a variety of other training programmes that will help you to expand on the dry lining skills you have learned. Potential progress routes include:

Why train with us?

We are among the UK’s leading providers of accredited trade training. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you enrol with Access Training Academies:
  • Small class sizes
  • Course structures that can be adapted to your goals
  • Specialist tutors with years of experience
  • The very best training facilities
  • Exceptionally high pass rates
Contact us to enquire about the dry lining training programme or any of our other courses.
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If You’re Already a Certified Property Developer...

Don’t worry! As mentioned above, we have plenty of property development courses available for those with previous experience. As with any job role which requires a physical skill, there are new skills, techniques, methods and legislation that property developers constantly need to stay on top of. To gain further accreditation within your chosen field, or to brush up on the latest techniques in order to stay one step ahead of the competition, contact Access Training Academies today for your bespoke property development course.

Successful Students

“with their unique approach, backed up with really comprehensive and friendly approach of the tutors, I had no problems at all. If I ever got stuck they were there to help out.”
Sean Gully
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