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property development courses

Property Development Courses

Whether you’re looking to venture into the world of property development for an exciting career change or simply looking to brush up your existing property development skills, Access Training Academies offer a variety of property development courses which can help you to reach your goals.
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What Property Development Courses Do We Offer?

If you’d like to start a brand new career in property maintenance, this training course will teach you everything you’ll need to know. As you work towards the City & Guilds 6711 Level 2 Diploma in Maintenance Operations, you’ll learn the following skills:
  • Repairing building structures
  • Painting and decorating
  • Basic plastering
  • Repairing plumbing
  • Carpentry
It’s easy to underestimate the level of skill required to wallpaper a room to a professional standard. This course will teach you a range of different papering techniques, including:
  • Preparing surfaces
  • Papering walls and ceilings
  • Splicing different designs
  • Hanging borders
This is a very practical training course that teaches candidates the fundamentals of dry lining and grants them the skills and understanding they’ll need to carry out a variety of tasks, including:
  • Choosing the right tools
  • Measuring and cutting
  • Fixing plasterboards
  • Sanding and sealing
If you’d like to repair your own roof instead of hiring a professional, this entry-level course is perfect for you. No experience is needed – we will train you from the ground up as you learn how to:
  • Replace roof tiles
  • Replace felt
  • Set out and fix battens
  • Install Velux windows, fascias, and more
Our roof construction course teaches inexperienced candidates how to build and repair simple roofs. These skills can be used at home or in a professional capacity when working on shops, offices, and/or other buildings. You’ll learn how to...
  • Use felt and membranes
  • Cut slate/concrete tiles
  • Replace tiles and slates
  • Install dry verges, uPVC fascis, and more
With countless Britons adding patios to their gardens, patio laying is becoming a very profitable skill to have under one’s belt. This course will teach you how to install patios to a professional standard; here are some of the areas you will cover:
  • Measuring and marking up
  • Preparing the base
  • Laying the paving slabs
  • Patio maintenance
Flexible Training

Flexible Property Development Training

Our personalised property development courses will get you fully qualified and professionally certified in a matter of mere weeks, allowing you to jump head-first into your new career or continue your current property development career with your new qualifications in hand. Though our courses are intense, we want you to get the best out of your property development training, and so we have designed our courses to be completely flexible and fit in with your commitments. Life, work and family commitments are unavoidable, and so we will work around you to help you achieve the property development qualifications you seek.

Who Can Enrol on a Property Development Course?

Anyone can sign up for property development training with Access Training Academies, regardless of gender, race, age, and even location within the UK. Whether you’ve got plenty of experience already and you’re looking to stay abreast of new property improvement techniques, or you’ve got no previous property development experience, we have a course which will perfectly meet your needs.

Here’s a little more about our professional property development training courses:
  • Access Training Academies boast a remarkable pass rate – almost double the national average for many of our courses – so you know that you’re getting the best property development training available.
  • Our courses are intensive, designed to get you fully qualified and equipped for a successful new career in a matter of weeks.
  • Having said this, we want you to get the most out of your course, and so every individual student is allowed to learn at their own pace, ensuring that they get the most out of our training.
  • We like to keep our class sizes small to ensure that everyone gets plenty of time with their tutor in an intimate classroom setting.
  • As well as excellent teaching methods, we also provide state-of-the-art training facilities for you to learn in. All of our training facilities have the latest equipment, allowing you to put your property development training to the test properly.
  • We believe in practical learning and a hands-on approach; as well as learning the essential theory behind property development, you’ll also get plenty of time to put your new skills into practice.
  • If our current property development training courses don’t meet your requirements, simply contact us and we can plan a bespoke property development course that meets your needs.
  • To complement your property development course, Access Training Academies also offer a variety of other skills-based training courses to help you stay a step ahead within your industry. You can also acquire qualifications through our plastering, decorating, plumbing, tiling and electrical courses.

If You’re Already a Certified Property Developer...

Don’t worry! As mentioned above, we have plenty of property development courses available for those with previous experience. As with any job role which requires a physical skill, there are new skills, techniques, methods and legislation that property developers constantly need to stay on top of. To gain further accreditation within your chosen field, or to brush up on the latest techniques in order to stay one step ahead of the competition, contact Access Training Academies today for your bespoke property development course.

Successful Students

“with their unique approach, backed up with really comprehensive and friendly approach of the tutors, I had no problems at all. If I ever got stuck they were there to help out.”
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