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Tiling Courses

If you’re looking to complete a tiling course and embark upon a career change, or if you would like to further your tiling experience and achieve an extra accreditation, then you’re in safe hands with Access Training Academies. We have a range of wall and floor tiling courses which will get you fully certified in a matter of weeks.

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What Tiling Courses Do We Offer?

On this course, learners will gain the knowledge and practical skills required to carry out a variety of tiling jobs.

No previous experience is required to enrol on this course, so it’s perfect for those who are looking to obtain skills that they can use at home, or those with a view to becoming a professional tradesperson in the future.
  • Datum Lines for laying wall and floor tiles
  • Cutting around intricate or odd shapes
  • Spreading adhesives and grouting techniques
  • Calculating quantities of tiles and grout needed for any job
  • Tile splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms
  • How to cut tiles and form decorative patterns
City & Guilds
This course will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you’ll need to become a certified tiler, and begin a new career!

Once completed you will be able to seek paid tiling work, or undertake more advanced training programmes if you so desire. Open to everyone – no previous experience needed!
  • Selecting the right quality and quantity of materials for use in tiling
  • Preparing backgrounds to minimise the risk of damage to walls and surfaces
  • Forming sand and cement screeds to level floor areas
  • Applying tiles to wall and floor surfaces
  • Cutting around intricate or odd shapes – pipes, sockets, basins etc.
  • How to complete borders, patterns, diamond and brickwork.
  • Tiling showers, wet rooms and bathrooms
City & Guilds
This course is ideal for those who are looking to gain basic tiling skills in order to carry out small tiling jobs their home.

You will be able to make the home improvements that you didn’t think you could before attending this course as it is designed for absolute beginners - it will teach you the fundamental tiling techniques.
  • Choosing the right materials for the job
  • Calculating the required quantities
  • Preparing surfaces and laying tiles
  • Using grout and other adhesives
  • Cutting around unusual shapes and creating patterns
City & Guilds

A Tiling Course That Suits Your Needs

For many, the concept of a lucrative career change is very exciting, but with the years of training typically required to gain a practical skill – plus the time restraints that come from having a family and other working commitments – it can seem nigh-impossible to change career. At Access Training Academies, we understand that you have commitments, and consequently all of our tiling courses are flexible and can be personalised to meet your every need. We’ve also designed our wall and floor tiling courses to get you fully certified in the shortest possible time, meaning that you can embark on that exciting career change or gain another string to your bow quickly and efficiently.

Who Can Enrol with Access Training Academies?

No matter what age or gender you are, or where in the UK you’re based, Access Training Academies can provide the perfect tiling course for you. No previous experience within the industry is necessary, though any level of experience is welcome – many of our tiling courses are designed to help you brush up your existing skills and gain additional accreditation.

Here’s some more information about our UK-wide tiling courses:
  • Our modern, state-of-the-art training facilities are easily accessible from almost anywhere in the UK – no matter what your location, we will find a course for you.
  • Access Training Academies’ pass rate is very impressive indeed. In fact, for many of the courses we offer, our pass rate is nearly double the national average!
  • We like to keep our class sizes small and intimate, to ensure that every learner gets plenty of guidance and one-on-one time with the tutor.
  • We understand the importance of hands-on learning, particularly when learning a practical skill like tiling. Our tutors will ensure that you get plenty of practical experience as you learn, putting all the important theory work that you’ll be learning about into practice.
  • If none of our current tiling courses are suitable for your needs, don’t worry. We can offer bespoke tiling courses, designed to work around you and your commitments.
  • Though intensive and designed to get you accredited quickly, each Access Training Academies course allows you to learn at your own pace and around any commitments you might have.
  • Our courses will ensure that you complete your training to a professional level, meaning that you’ll be officially certified and able to work professionally and safely within the tiling industry.
  • As well as our tiling courses, we also offer a range of other courses which will further your knowledge and experience and improve your overall skillset. We offer courses in plumbing, plastering, gas, and electrical work, to name but a few

What if I’m Already a Professional Tiler?

As previously mentioned, our tiling courses are not solely for those without any experience in the industry. We understand the importance of refreshing your skillset and staying abreast of any new developments within the industry, and so we offer many courses which will help existing tillers to gain new skills and ensure that they’re utilising the best techniques within their own businesses. If you’re looking for a little refreshment or simply a way to further your current experience and knowledge, Access Training Academies can provide the perfect tiling course for you.

Successful Students

“I knew from day one of the course that I had chosen the right place, the professionalism and friendliness of all the instructors and staff was incredible.”
John Smith
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