If you complete this course, you will:

Receive both qualifications (2392 and 2391-52)
Gain a range of skills and knowledge in the field of electrical inspection and testing
Learn the fundamental abilities you’ll need to advance your career as an electrician

Who is this course aimed at?

The combined inspection and testing course was developed specifically for qualified electricians – beginners should start with an Access Training career change course before moving on to advanced qualifications like this one. This particular course is especially well-suited to electricians who have yet to carry out any inspection and testing work, or who have not done so since completing their initial training.


Both of the qualifications that make up this course require candidates to pass examinations before receiving their certificates. These include online multiple-choice assessments and practical assignments, testing both your theoretical knowledge and your grasp of the skills required.

Successful candidates will receive the following qualifications:
  • 2392 Fundamental Inspection, Testing & Initial Verification
  • 2391-52 Combined Initial Verification & Periodic Inspection & Testing

Units covered

Safely isolating electrical systems
Initial verification
Visual inspections
Functional testing and correct procedures
Interpreting test results
Testing installations

Progress Routes

Once you have completed our combined inspection and testing course, your tutors will be happy to discuss your career ambitions going forward and recommend suitable progress routes that will help you to achieve your goals. We offer a wide range of electrical training courses here at Access Training Academies, and no matter where you wish to go next, we are sure to have a programme that suits you.

Alternatively, if you wish to branch out into a field other than electrical work, we can also help you to add plumbing, gas engineering, and other qualifications to your portfolio.

Benefits of training with us:

  • 24-hour online student support
  • Flexible training programmes that fit around your current schedule
  • Expert tuition from specialist tutors
  • Modern training centres with all the facilities you’ll need
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