Become a Registered Gas Engineer with Access Training

Become a Registered Gas Engineer with Access Training

Become a Registered Gas Engineer

Thinking about a career in gas engineering? This blog post will guide you through the process of becoming a Gas Safe registered engineer, a crucial qualification for anyone working on gas appliances and pipework in the UK.


Who should conduct the gas testing?

By law, only a Gas Safe registered engineer can carry out gas work in homes and businesses. This ensures the safety of everyone in the building, as gas appliances can be dangerous if not installed and maintained properly.


What Qualifications do I Need to Become an Authorised Gas Tester?

To become a Gas Safe registered engineer, you'll need to achieve two key qualifications:

  • A core qualification in gas engineering: This involves classroom learning and practical assessments covering various aspects of gas work, like appliances, pipework, and safety procedures.
  • ACS assessment: This involves demonstrating your competence in a real-world setting under the supervision of a qualified engineer.


How You Can Qualify for This With Access Training

We offer a range of gas engineering courses designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. Our courses cover the core qualifications required for Gas Safe registration, including:

  • Core gas qualifications: We offer various core gas qualifications depending on your existing experience and career goals.
  • Practical training: Our hands-on workshops provide practical experience working with gas appliances and pipework.
  • ACS assessment preparation: We can help you prepare for the ACS assessment by providing guidance and practice opportunities.


How to Join the Gas Safe Register

Once you have achieved the required qualifications and completed the ACS assessment, you can apply to join the Gas Safe Register. This online register verifies your credentials and allows you to work legally on gas appliances in the UK.


Will I Have to Take an Exam?

Yes, in order to become a qualified engineer, you will have to pass your exams. The format of the core qualification exams can vary depending on the specific qualification you're pursuing. They typically involve a combination of multiple-choice questions, written tasks, and practical assessments.

Access Training offers comprehensive mock exams to help you prepare for the real exams with confidence. Our mock exams simulate the format and difficulty of the actual ACS assessments, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and refine your knowledge.

Ready to take the first step towards becoming a Gas Safe registered engineer? Browse our gas engineering courses or contact Access Training today to discuss your options and get started on a rewarding career in the gas industry!

Leveraging our experience and technical expertise, we can help you navigate the path to becoming a Gas Safe registered engineer.


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