So, you want to learn how to fix a boiler and heating systems, but does that mean you need gas engineer course or a plumbing course? We often receive questions about the difference between the two jobs, so we thought we’d write a blog post that’ll clear up the issue and put the differences in black and white.

What Do They Do?

From toilets to sinks, drains to taps, plumbers work mostly on wet or dry pipes. So, if someone has a leak or a blockage, they need to call a plumber. Other common plumbing jobs include:

Dishwasher installation 
Dripping taps
Toilet flush or draining issues 
Bathroom fitting 
Installation and maintaining of drainage, irrigation and sewage systems

Whereas, a gas engineer (also known as a heating engineer) ensures that properties of all kinds are safely and efficiently heated, meaning they’re the ones to turn to for boiler issues or to fit underfloor heating. 

Of course, there are tradesmen who are qualified to do both, allowing them to run the pipes and fit a boiler in a property, however it’s important to check this before hiring anyone. 

How Much Do They Get Paid?

Both plumbers and gas engineers are likely to charge an emergency call out fee and labour costs will vary depending on the work done, length of time taken and the skill level of the tradesman. However, according to jobs site, Total Jobs, the average salary of a plumber in the UK is just over £28,000. The same site puts the average salary of a Gas Engineer at £32,500.  

Can I Do Both?

As we previously mentioned, many tradesmen are qualified to handle both water and gas. These are known as Gas Safe registered plumbers and are listed on the Gas Safe Register. However, a Gas Safe plumber can only legally do work on the appliances they are certified in. For example, many plumbers are qualified to work on boilers, but not gas fires or cookers. 

This is the job sector for you if you have good communication skills (are friendly and approachable), you’re practical, patient and a fast learner. Tradesmen are usually great at problem solving, have flexible schedules and are open to travelling for work. 

Become a Plumber and/or Heating Engineer with Our Help 

If you would like a career working on both plumbing and heating jobs, we can help. Our Premier Plumbing Course offers City and Guilds accredited training that will provide you with industry-level qualifications, including a number of gas and electrical certifications which will allow you to join the Gas Safe Register. 

Whether you’re looking to complete the plumbing course on a part-time or full-time basis, we have flexible training for you. Find out more about the course here or contact us to discuss your options.  

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