The UK’s Highest Paid Trades: Who Earns the Most?

The UK’s Highest Paid Trades: Who Earns the Most?

Trainee Electrician

According to government data, electricians are the highest-earning tradespeople in the UK, although plumbers are likely to have a higher starting salary.

So, if you're interested in learning a trade that will open the door to a high-paying career, you should consider training as an electrician or a plumber. Use the links below to explore course options.

Electrical Courses   Plumbing Courses


Average UK Trade Salaries

Here is a breakdown of the average yearly salaries for UK tradespeople (as of February 2024):

  • Electrician: £18K - £42K
  • Plumber: £21K - £40K
  • Bricklayer: £17K - £40K
  • Carpenter: £17K - £38K
  • Roofer: £17K - £35K
  • Plasterer: £19K - £34K
  • Painter & Decorator: £17K - £32K
  • Tiler: £17K - £32K


As you can see, no matter what avenue you go down, learning a trade allows you to earn quite a lot of money! Trade careers are popular for a range of reasons in addition to salary, including job security and flexibility.

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If you're interested in learning a trade, Access Training offer a wide range of training courses and apprenticeship-style 'earn while you learn' courses. Whether you're interested in an intensive training course that gets you qualified as soon as possible, or would prefer to take your time and earn a salary as you learn, we have a course suited to you and your needs.


Will I be able to earn a high wage straight away?

As you may expect, these average salaries aren't necessarily representative of entry-level wages. You're unlikely to be making £40k at the very beginning of your plumbing career, for example.

That being said, these comfortable salaries are fairly accurate for self-employed tradespeople. Why? Because once you have the qualifications, experience and confidence under your belt, you can decide on a daily or hourly rate that suits your monetary expectations.


What's the key to earning more?

Increasing your earning potential is simpler than you may think. With determination, some hard work and a bit of self-investment, you can go from earning a trainee wage to earning the salary of a qualified tradesperson or site technician! Here's how...

1) Apply for agency work

Agency work is a great option if you are starting out in a new trade. It will give you the chance to gain some very basic knowledge and experience before considering further training.

2) Work overtime

If you are already working in your desired trade, why not ask your boss if you can put in some overtime? This is a great way to increase your earnings short-term and boost your earning potential.

3) Gain new qualifications

We can't stress enough how important refreshing your qualifications is if you want to improve your earning potential in a particular trade. Here at Access Training, we offer a range of different courses for beginners and established tradespeople alike, allowing you to offer a better, more comprehensive service to your clients and command a higher salary! Whether you're keeping your knowledge up-to-date or learning a completely new trade to add more strings to your bow, you'll find it easier to earn more money when you develop your skillset in this way.

4) Start your own business

Becoming a self-employed tradesperson really does put the reins (and money) in your hands. When you become your own boss, you can choose exactly how much you want to charge for your services. As we've already seen, a typical daily rate for an electrician can be anywhere from £165 to £300 per day, giving you plenty of room to adjust your profit margins to suit your business goals.


Starting Your Own Business - Case Study:

So, you want to earn more money - who doesn't? Find out how we can help you achieve your career goals by taking a look at this incredible success story!

These two students, Peter and Omar, were working in completely different professions before they decided to learn a trade at Access Training Academies. Since completing their courses, they've set up their own independent plumbing and gas businesses. You can see our full interview with them here:

For more information on learning a trade at Access Training Academies, get in touch now! Call us on 0800 345 7492 or get in touch online.

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