What is Part P?

What is Part P?

Part p forms a section of the building regulations that were introduced in 2005 to regulate fixed installation work in homes. It is now required for any electrical installation work in a domestic environment must make sure that the work is designed and installed in a manner in which in protects people from electric shocks and electrical fires.

All electrical installations, whether it be, at home, in a conservatory, outbuilding or even the garden must now adhere to the part p building regulations.

Apart from some types of minor electrical installation jobs, such as some installations in kitchens and outdoors, all electrical work must be reported to the local authority or carried out by an electrician who holds the Part P qualification.

Here at Access Training, we have developed an accredited, Electrical Part P (Full Scope) training course.  Our Part P course has been designed so it is easily understood by people who have little to no experience in domestic electrical work.

Part P is on the “benchmark” qualifications without which you will be unable to become a qualified electrician. The skills and knowledge taught over our Electrical Part P – Full Scope qualification are transferable to all trades,  including; Electricians, Plumbing, Heating engineers, Builders, Property developers, Kitchen fitters, and even landscape gardeners.

If you enrol onto our Part P course you can expect to gain an intricate knowledge of building regulations for domestic electrical installation, electrical safety legislation, standards and regulations, conducting pre-work surveys/inspections, and safe isolation procedures. You will be able to identify unsafe electrical situations, check installed components as well as install and replace components, plus more.

If you would like to receive more information, on our Electrical Part P – Full Scope training course, or if you would like more information on becoming a fully qualified electrician. Contact us on 0800 245 7492 or email info@accesstraininguk.co.uk

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