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Our plumber courses are split into 3 stages:

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Plumber training: why choose this career path?

Plumbing is a lucrative profession and a great way to make a living due to the simple fact that there is a shortage of professional plumbers in the UK right now. A large number of full-time plumbers have stated that they enjoy their work, and many would recommend the trade as a career.

If you’re thinking about changing careers and learning a trade, plumbing is a very useful skill to have and a great choice for a new career. Rewards remain high due to the sheer demand for skills in this trade, and if you enrol on one of our plumbing courses, it could well lead to the rewarding new career that you’re looking for.
  • A lucrative trade
  • Skills you'll use for life
  • Job stability
  • Independence
  • Professional qualifications

Demand for plumbing work in new buildings is expected to continue increasing over the coming years.

Plumber salary range

Average salary for plumbing maintenance jobs in London
Average salary for a domestic plumber in London
Average salary for plumbing supervisor jobs in London
[Source: Adzuna]

A career as a plumber
– is it right for me?

There are many reasons why you might choose to complete a training course and become a plumber. Firstly, there remains a shortage of trained plumbers in the UK. It stands to reason that a variety of different work options and opportunities will be available to you as soon as you’re a qualified plumber.

Most plumbers opt to work in residential development plus maintenance and repair sectors, but some build their business in new construction and industrial settings instead. Once you have completed your plumbing course, there are a wide variety of career paths open to you. There are many reasons why a plumbing career could be right for you.

A plumber's duties include:

  • Designing, fitting and maintaining water systems in buildings
  • Installing toilets, baths, showers, sinks, washing machines & dishwashers
  • Installing central heating systems (wet elements only) and new pipework
  • Servicing older systems, identifying and fixing faults
  • Attending emergency call-outs when water or heating systems are damaged
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Infrastructure is always going to need maintaining and installing. That’s why I chose a career in trades. I want my future to be safe. Leah - Student

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