Benefits of our online training service

By completing the theory elements of your course before you move on to in-centre practical training, you can maximise the practical time you spend at our training centres. You will have more confidence after you’ve learned the vital knowledge that can now be applied to real-life practical training scenarios practised at our Training and Assessment Centres.

Access Training’s online learning platform is helping all of our learners to achieve a much higher standard, and this in turn prepares them even better for the next stage of their training. We’ve seen that, by separating theory learning from in-centre practical training, we can greatly improve our results.

Live online learning is available 7 days a week

There’s scheduled delivery of course tuition on weekdays and weekends, so attend whenever you like. Our expert tutors will be interacting with you throughout, allowing you to raise any questions you have or ask them to repeat or change the pace of delivery. Our teaching staff are here to help you understand the subject thoroughly, and you can repeat these sessions as many times as you want.

Your tutor will direct you towards many other resources, including live online Q&As with senior members of staff, individual lessons, practice tests, and much more. This is the perfect preparation for the next step of your course: the practical training.

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