Tailored guidance and support

Alongside your training, we will help guide you through your programme, providing personal career support services throughout each stage of your training course. This system is designed to give you an overview of the job market for your chosen trade and also offer guidance on how to identify the job or career path you really want.

By the time you’ve completed your free employment preparation course as part of this programme, you will have the skills and – just as importantly – the confidence to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Becoming a professional tradesperson

14 days after your enrolment and induction onto your training programme, you’ll receive your first career support eBook on becoming self-employed and setting up your own business. This will help you to plan and start building the foundations of your career as an independent tradesperson.

Career planning for your future success

During our 3 year commitment to you and your success, the emphasis will be upon researching the job market, discovering the roles that are out there and what organisations you might want to apply to. You’ll learn about keeping in touch with potential employers and staying up to date with all the latest developments.

CV building

Our team will help you to develop your career, starting with building a CV using our highly optimised CV builder. Cover letter templates are also provided, highlighting your essential skills to help you represent yourself favourably to employers. Above all, you will learn how to stand out from the crowd with your CV.

Employment preparation programme

As part of your programme, we will provide you with an employability course, which we recommend to everyone as soon as they start their training.

This course includes the following modules:
Module 1
Personal Awareness
Module 2
Module 3
Interview Participation and Career Progression
Module 4
On-the-Job Requirements
Module 5
Awareness of Equality and Diversity
Module 6
The Importance of Teamwork and Customer Service

Application and interview techniques

As you come to the end of your course, it will be time to start looking for potential job opportunities. Part of our 3 year career support programme includes helping you use recruiters effectively – we’ll help you to find the right job role for you while also providing assistance with the application process and interview preparation tools. Get In Touch

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