What’s the Busiest Time of Year for Plumbers?

What’s the Busiest Time of Year for Plumbers?

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There are a lot of reasons you might call a plumber to your house; maybe you’re planning a large scale bathroom renovation, have a leaky tap that needs fixing, or are looking for an emergency fix to a DIY mishap that has left your bathroom flooded. Either way, you’ll be picking up your phone and searching for “good plumbers near me”.

While there are lots of different scenarios that might require you to call a plumber, have you ever wondered when might be the best time to call? When are plumbers the busiest? Whilst plumbing might not be a profession you’d typically associate with seasonality, research has shown that there actually is a busiest time of year for plumbers.


Are plumbers busy in summer?

If you guessed summer as being a plumber's busiest season, you’d be close, but no cigar. While not the busiest time of year, it’s still a very active time for plumbers. During summer, people are taking advantage of the warm, dry weather to do home improvements. Whether they’re looking to hire a contractor to work on a long-term renovation, or for an emergency call out to fix the pipe they just drilled a massive hole in during a DIY project, the summer month is a relatively busy time for plumbers.


When is the busiest time of year for plumbers?

Winter is actually the most hectic time of year for plumbers, specifically November and December. With the cold weather causing pipes to freeze, crack, and burst, and boilers being worked over time trying to keep houses warm, there’s no shortage of incidents that could result in calling out the plumber. Also, with the winter season being a time when lots of people will see their families and host large dinners, its common for drains to get clogged with food and waste.

And there it is! Who would've thought that plumbing is a career that changes with the seasons? If you're interested in becoming a qualified plumber, browse our selection of plumbing training courses. There's a variety of different courses and different specialty focuses, so whatever you want to study, there's a course for you.

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