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 best short courses that lead to good jobs

If you're looking to change career you may feel like you need to make this change as soon as possible. Short courses are designed to get you qualified in a shorter timeframe than traditional routes, which can be great for anyone who needs a new job quickly. If you're looking for short courses that lead to good jobs then you'll be keen to learn more about our intensive trade courses.

Learning a trade makes for an excellent new career, trade courses are some of the best courses for jobs in the UK because of the current skills shortage. Once you become qualified it isn't difficult to find employers or clients in need of your services. There are countless opportunities for Tradespeople currently, so there's really no better time to look into the short courses we have on offer. 

Why Learn a Trade?

The salary is a huge benefit of learning a trade, as you can see from the above image, even beginners do well in terms of starting a whole new career. Trades often pay more than the national average wage which is why more people are turning to these short courses so they can get on this career ladder and gain more experience as quickly as possible. Other benefits include:

  • Job stability due to high demand
  • Less student debt as you won't need to attend university
  • Opportunity to be your own boss
  • Opportunity to progress
  • Every day is different
  • Opportunity to work all around the UK

Best Short Courses for Jobs from Access Training

With Access Training Academies, you can choose to learn a trade through our intensive, flexible courses. These courses are designed to teach you all the relevant theory and practical knowledge required to become a qualified tradesperson. Although this traditionally would take years in college and a length apprenticeship, these courses teach you what you need to know in a matter of months. 

This allows you to start earning as quickly as possible and gain more experience whilst working on actual jobs. Click the links below to find out more about our courses and find the one that you feel most suited for. 

Plumbing Courses >

Gas Courses >

Electrician Courses >

Plastering Courses >

Carpentry Courses >

Kitchen Fitting Courses >

Our courses are built to suit you and your lifestyle. If you have family commitments or other work commitments you can talk to use and we can help you find which course best suits your circumstances. You have the option to study full time or part time depending on what works best. We also have a payment plan which helps make paying for the courses much easier as you study. 

If you want any more information about any of our courses or want advice from one of our expert advisors than we are more than happy to help. We want to help find the best course to suit you and your lifestyle so feel free to contact us today.