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Thinking of becoming a carpenter? Wondering what qualifications you'll need to turn professional? Read on to find out!

How to become a carpenter

Carpentry is a job that comes with a lot of perks - your skills can be applied in your own home, and you should be able to bring in a very healthy salary. If you've decided that you want to be a carpenter, you've probably got some questions, such as:

  • How do you become a carpenter?
  • Do you need carpenter qualifications?
  • Where can you go to study carpentry?

How do you become a carpenter?

Traditionally, to become a carpenter you would have to become an apprentice for up to 3 years slowly learning the skills to carry out jobs independently. Now it is possible to learn the necessary skills required in a much shorter time frame. Our carpentry courses combine practical and classroom teaching to give you the carpentry qualifications and experience you need to be able to carry our various carpentry jobs.

Whether you want to become a professional carpenter or just learn enough skills to carry out your DIY jobs at home, Access Training can help. We have designed a series of carpentry courses designed to suit a range of needs and outcomes. From courses suitable for complete beginners to professional courses designed around people with prior carpentry knowledge, you will be able to find a course that best helps you become the carpenter you want to be.

Our Essential Course will allow you to learn the foundations of carpentry, where the Professional Course will allow you to get a Level 2 Diploma in Site Carpentry which enables you to move on to the NVQ Level 2 Certification for more experienced carpenters. These allow you to prove your skills to employers and clients alike. To take a look at all the different carpentry courses we offer, simply click the button below:

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If you're still wondering how to become a carpenter or how to start a career in the other trades we are more than happy to advise you. We will help you find a course that suits your needs and will help you start the career you want. Speak to our friendly team and discuss your aims and requirements. Contact us today.