Are You Making a Career Change Mistake?

Are You Making a Career Change Mistake?

We’re career change experts and we’ve trained thousands of people who have decided to take a new direction and train towards a trade job. However, if you’re considering shaking things up, stop and think – is it really your career you need to change? And if so, how are you going to go about it?

What Are You Unhappy With?

Okay, so you’re unhappy and have decided you need a change, but what is at the root of your issues? Without truly understanding this, you can change direction and end up in the same predicament a year or two down the line.

Common reasons for a career change include:

  • Lack of progression options
  • Poor salary/wage
  • Feeling undervalued
  • High stress
  • Inflexible working hours
  • Professional differences with managers or colleagues

Once you’ve highlighted the source of your sorrow, consider whether you could correct this and feel fulfilled in your current job or sector.

Why not request a sit down with your manager to discuss your progression options and inform them of your advancement goals? Alternatively, you could arrange a team building or communications training day where you and your colleagues can bash out any issues you may have.

Furthermore, it may not be your career choice but your current place of employment which is causing your unhappiness. A change in employer could see your commute shorten, your stress lessen and your pay increase. Why not start your job search with career openings in your current sector?

However, if that ship has sailed and it can’t be rectified, do some research and seek a career that will fulfil your needs. If that just happens to be in trade, we may be able to help.

What Do You Love About Your Current Career?

It’s easy to become interested in a job spec because the opportunity appears to be the parallel opposite to what you hated in your old career. But, rather than focusing on the negatives, it may be more beneficial to focus on positive aspects - such as what you enjoy doing and how this can be incorporated into your next position.

Are You Qualified for Your Dream Job?

Don’t limit yourself by your CV and only look for jobs you are qualified to apply for. Additional training is readily available; therefore, you should seek your dream career and then do what you can to meet their required criteria.

If you aspire to be a plumber, electrician, carpenter or any other tradesman, but don't have the skills or qualifications, we can help.

With a vast prospectus of trade training courses for all ages and abilities, our intensive trade training courses offer a flexible solution to giving your CV that much needed boost.

We've an average pass rate of more than 95% and have received almost 100% positive feedback, so find out more about us and how our training centre staff can help you on your journey to a new career.

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