How Can Intensive Training Be as Effective as an Apprenticeship?

How Can Intensive Training Be as Effective as an Apprenticeship?

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Here at Access Training we offer intensive, short-course training in a number of trades and have just over a 95% average pass rate, but one question we’re commonly asked is:

"How can you gain the skills and qualifications in a matter of weeks when an apprenticeship can take up to four years?"

Scepticism is natural, but let us explain how our courses can actually create highly-trained individuals who are enthusiastic about a new career in trade.


The Problem with the Traditional Apprenticeship

The traditional trade apprenticeship is typically a four-year work-based training schedule and the average starter is just 16 years old. This is an effective solution for school leavers who do not wish to stay on for sixth form, but did you know what you wanted to do at 16?

Historically, one of the biggest problems with these apprenticeships was the high drop-out rate. Back in 2010, The Telegraph reported that 26.2% of apprentices gave up and dropped out of their scheme. Then at the end of the academic year in summer 2014 it was reported the number of apprentices completing training in construction, planning and the built environment had more than halved to just over 8,000.

Why is this? Well, many have put it down to the very low wages that apprentices are paid. When friends of a similar age are earning considerably more in retail or doing factory work, a change in career direction can be very tempting.

There is also the fact that the first few years of an apprenticeship often revolve around observation and very little practical hands on experience. Some apprentices find this slow going and become impatient.


Why Do We Believe Fast Track Training is Better?

Fast track training, such as the intensive courses we offer, are typically delivered on a Monday to Friday basis, or over weekends where necessary. In this time, students receive 40 hours of onsite specialist training (OSST), something that would take an apprentice 10 months to complete.

We like to use an analogy of a learner driver. You could take one driving lesson a week for a year and then gain your license, or you could do a crash course and get your hands on that precious card in a week or two. It’s the same quality training and the same qualification, just over different timescales.

Fast track training works in a similar way and the feedback we receive from companies who employ our students once qualified is that the individuals who’ve trained with us often retain more information than a lot of apprentices.

This form of training is more suited to more mature learners who have commitments as are unable to survive on the low wage an apprenticeship pays. Flexible, short-term training allows students to study during evenings, weekends or using annual leave, and cause minimal disruption to everyday life.


Does Fast Track Training Work?

We’re specialists in training adult career changers and our programs are designed specifically for this kind of leaner.

More than 95% of our students pass their trade training and we’ve received 100% positive feedback. Many of our students go on to work for some of the biggest companies in the country, others gain positions with local trade positions and others start up their own businesses. The option is yours.

So, if you’re any of the following, what are you waiting for?

  • If you are an adult that wants to re-train
  • If you have the right ambition and motivation
  • If you have the support of family, friends and/or partner
  • If you are prepared to make sacrifices in order to achieve your goals
  • If you are prepared to invest in your career and future


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