What's Preventing Your Kid from Getting Their Dream Job?

What's Preventing Your Kid from Getting Their Dream Job?

Whether it's laziness, a lack of training or cashflow issues, there are a number of reasons that may be used when discussing a career change with your teenager. It can be scary after all. But, if you’re a parent to a teenager who is looking for their first ever job, then we bet you’ve heard them every excuse in the book. 

It can be frustrating for you as you want your child to do their best, have aspirations and do well for themselves. Then on the flipside, they probably call you a nag and tell you to “just chill out”. We’ve all been there… or at least know someone who has. 

That’s why our team here at Access Training aim to make starting a career in trade as easy as it can possibly be.

We Offer Payment Plans 

As a teenager, it is unlikely that your child will have hundreds or thousands of pounds saved up, and if you can’t spare the savings, this can form a great excuse for your young one to procrastinate when it comes to starting their career. But not with Access Training. 

We offer flexible and inclusive finance plans for all the courses we have on offer, meaning if you’re worried about paying for your trades training we can put a scheme in place to make payments more manageable. Our plans allow you to spread the cost across the length of the course over a period of up to 60 months. Payments won’t start until after your child has finished the course – hopefully as they start a prosperous new job.

There Are Flexible Training Hours 

Our trades training is extremely flexible in terms of timing. Many of our students are still in full-time jobs and we help to fit their training around prior commitments. So, if your child is already studying A Levels or has a full-time job they want to keep for the time being, that is completely manageable. 

Plus, as we offer short and intensive training, you can become qualified in a few weeks, not years as other training courses may take. 

Overnight Accommodation is Available 

We strongly believe that the nearest training centre isn’t always the best training centre. Of course, this can then cause problems such as long commutes and delays which may make students late to classes. Especially if the student isn’t able to drive. 

In order to combat this, we’re able to offer students a number of appealing training accommodation options that are located near to our training centres for the duration of the course. These options include a homestay, a B&B or in a well-known chain hotel. 

Get a Taster with a Multi-Discipline Course

At our training centres we offer recognised qualification courses in numerous trades: plumbing to electrical, plastering to tiling. But if your son or daughter can’t decide what trade is for them, then they may like to enrol in one of our multi-discipline DIY courses. 

Our range of property development courses cover sectors such as painting and decorating, plastering, plumbing and carpentry, giving students a taste of a trade and a chance to learn valuable handyman skills. Not only will this course give your son or daughter the skills to help out when something breaks around the home, but it may lead to further professional trades training in a specified area. 

Get Your Child the Training They Need 

Does this sound like something you think your child would be interested in? 

Well, you can learn more about us here and why not encourage your son or daughter to check us out on Twitter or Facebook

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