How to Survive the Collapse of the Steel Industry

How to Survive the Collapse of the Steel Industry

At the beginning of 2016, TATA Steel announced its plans to cut 1,050 jobs from Steelworks across the UK, including 750 at the Port Talbot works . The Indian based company was reported to be making losses of £1 million a day in the UK, and this increasingly worsening situation has since escalated into a large-scale disaster in recent months. 

What Does this Mean for the Company and Its Employees?

The ever increasing likelihood is that TATA will sell its shares in the company, resulting in tens of thousands of job losses across the country and the threat of collapse of the entire UK steel industry. With job security for steelworkers decreasing with each passing week, redundancies for thousands may be imminent. The question is, how can the hundreds of workers dependant on the steel industry survive the disaster it faces?
Are You a Tata Employee?
Is your career now in jeopardy as a result of this situation? Fear not - Access Training is here to give you a new start in a thriving, job secure industry as a tradesperson.

With redundancies very likely to plague hundreds of working families, many might have to suffer the discomfort of working menial, underpaid jobs with no means of applying the practical skills so highly valued at the steelworks; or more worryingly, face the degradation of unemployment.

Skilled professionals with years of experience deserve the opportunity to continue such valuable service to their communities - and Access Training is here to provide it.

Access Training provides fully professional skills training for all trades, including plumbing, gas, electrical, carpentry and construction. Tradespeople are currently in very high demand, as the industry is currently suffering a crippling skills shortage .

Several large scale government funded construction projects have been proposed for the coming years, with:


  • Roads investment of £28 billion
  • 165,000 additional houses built
  • HR2
  • Crossrails 2
  • Various nuclear projects


As a result, tradespeople have never been busier, or as well paid.

Improve Your Job Outlook with Access Training

Within a matter of weeks, Access Training could turn you from somebody with little or no experience in trade, into a fully qualified, confident and professional tradesperson.

Our courses, ranging from Essential, Professional and Premier, are carefully designed to accommodate a large breadth of experience. So whether you are a complete beginner looking to start afresh or a seasoned expert looking for extra qualifications, you can find the course for you with us.

So, if you're looking for a change in your career and are excited by the growing opportunities in the trade industry, enquire today about a course at Access Training or call us on 0800 345 7492. With the help of our course advisers, you can find a course to pave your way into a new career.


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