New research has revealed that a whopping 58% of people in the UK have included getting a new job in their new year’s resolutions this year. The study which was conducted by first class breath surveyed 2000 people, revealed that one in two people will be starting a serious job search within the first month of being back at work, with one in 5 people prepared to skip a day of work to attend interviews.

Leaving a job or changing your career can be an extremely stressful. If you have spent years in a company and have become an integrated part of the companies culture it can be scary stepping out into the unknown. For one your daily routine changes, you may find yourself having to get up earlier, commuting further or not getting your coffee break at 11:00. Change is not something that people take to easily.

Sometimes peoples working environment means that they have no choice but to change jobs. You might be stuck in a dead end job, you may be looking to progress in your chosen field buy your current job is restrictive; you may have just started a family and need a job which you can fit around your new commitments. Whatever the situation a change of career is something that some people feel that they need to do – in that respect there is no better time than the New Year!  

Even though change is scary – there are many benefits to changing your career, and more specifically learning a trade in the New Year:

If you are tired of been stuck in an office all day wistfully looking out the window on a summers day and wishing you were outside instead of being sat at your desk, training to become an electrician, plumber or a gas engineer could be the perfect change for you.  When summer finally arrives you can enjoy the day whilst travelling from job to job – at least you won’t be confined to your desk all day!

If you have a young family and wish to spend more time with them through the vital years, or maybe you feel that you don’t have a good work/life balance. As a plumber, electrician or gas engineer you will be working flexible hours so you will have more time to focus on everything that is important to you.

Ever dreamed about being your own boss? There are so many benefits to being your own boss, you can choose the days and hours that you work – and more! Being your own boss can be one of the best things that you ever do. Learning a trade with access training opens the doors for you to become your own boss and reap the benefits!

Money is one of the main reasons why people change their career in the New Year. By taking the plunge and learning a trade you could start earning more money as soon as you become qualified. Did you know that an experienced plumber can be earning up to £2,000 a week? That luxury holiday you have been dreaming of could be round the corner!

Here at Access Training we understand that changing your career is a scary, life altering decision. We have helped thousands of people in your situation learn a new trade and change careers quickly. We understand that everybody’s situation is unique so we are able to work around any existing commitments. So if you are concerned that your current work commitments will prevent you from learning with us, rest assured we can accommodate you.  

Access Training are offering up to 50% off all their courses up until Friday 8th January. Click here to enquire about courses today! 

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