UK Tradesmen More Hardworking Than Ever

Via HVP Mag

New research from Screwfix has found that British tradesmen are working longer hours than ever, even going as far as sacrificing holidays and weekends, in order to squeeze in more jobs.

It found that tradesmen work on average between 41 and 50 hours a week, which is more than bankers, medical practitioners and barristers/judges (who clocked in at 40.9, 38.4 and 36 hours respectively). A fifth of tradesmen admitted to working more than 50 hours a week - well about the UK average of 36.4 hours!

Not only that, but they are also not taking the annual statutory entitlement of 28 days, with one in six only taking fewer than 10 days off each year. Only 1% take more than an hour's lunch break, with three quarters of those surveyed happy to skip it altogether.

John Mewett, marketing director for Screwfix, said: “We know how hard tradesmen work, but the research really brought home how many hours they are putting in each week and how stretched they really are.

“For a lot of tradesmen, time is money, and so any opportunity to squeeze in an extra job is snatched up. This can mean long working hours and driving further from home to increase their workload. However, by finding ways to work more effectively, they can cut their working hours.”

The full infographic from Screwfix also included these interesting tidbits on tradesman habits:

  • 87% are driving the same amount or more this year
  • 62% eat a packed lunch each day
  • Tea is the most popular drink of choice, winning with 57% of the vote
  • 8 out of 10 skip meals while working
  • Average lunch break for tradesmen is 10 – 20 minutes
  • 73% think they don’t take enough exercise
  • 17% walk to work
  • 83% are working the same hours or more this year
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