“A Spanner in the Works” – Terrible Names for Plumbing Businesses

You’ve completed all the required plumbing courses, you’ve gathered years of great experience, you’ve established yourself as a true professional and identified your client base – at last you’re ready to start your plumbing business. But what do you call it?

Of course you could go down the simple route. Your name with the word “plumbing” after it is a tried and tested solution, but it doesn’t really stand out, does it? A.B. Plumbing, Dave Pryor Plumbing, B & R Plumbers – not very inspiring and hardly likely to keep your business in the minds of past and future customers…

So how do you come up with a great name for your plumbing business which helps you stand out but also makes sure your customers take you seriously?

It can be extremely tempting to go down the plumbing pun route, but this could throw a spanner in the works and suggest to customers that they will be throwing money down the drain on a plumber who isn’t going to have an altogether professional approach to their plumbing problem. Yet a pun or joke can make your business both memorable and friendly, so if you can come up with a good one it might be worth a shot! Be careful though, many plumbing puns have been done (and done badly) before…

•    Round the Bend Plumbing
•    Plumb Role Plumbing
•    Plumbing the Depths
•    Royal Flush Plumbing   
•    Straight Flush Plumbing
•    Go with the Flow Plumbing
•    Pipe Dream Plumbing
•    Flushed with Success Plumbing

Yes, we know, they’re terrible. The problem with a ‘punny’ plumbing name is that it has to be genuinely funny for it to work and very few of them actually are…

When it comes to setting up after your plumbing courses, you can judge your trade name ideas for your plumbing business by asking yourself a few questions:

1.    Does it accurately convey what you do?
2.    Does it portray your business in a positive light?
3.    Does it help you stand out from the crowd?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, it might be time to return to the drawing board…

If you’re yet to embark on your plumbing path, the first step is to get some great plumbing courses under your belt. Access offer flexible, future-oriented plumbing courses which will thoroughly equip you for your future career, wherever you are in the UK and however you want to learn. For more information about Access’s plumbing courses call their team today on 0800 345 7492.

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