Training to be a plumber is no walk in the park, no matter what the economic climate is up to. However, in recent years, training to be a plumber has become even harder thanks to the lack of apprenticeships and work placements around. There are a number of reasons why these opportunities are so thin on the ground and sadly money is at the heart of all of them.

Many plumbers just do not have the money to take on an apprentice as the majority are currently self-employed and facing a somewhat uncertain future in terms of workload. Even though many county councils offer generous grants to help plumbers pay for apprentices, many experienced plumbers simply do not have the time and energy to help youngsters who are training to be a plumber. On top of all this there is the worry that younger blood in the plumbing industry will force out the more experienced members of the profession, leading to even fewer available jobs.

This is all very problematic. An apprenticeship and on the job learning are significant parts of training to be a plumber and, without this kind of experience, many students will be unable to qualify. This is one reason that Grimsby’s young William Bradley has taken matters into his own hands…

Rather than make endless, disappointing phone calls, 15 year old William has taken the initiative. After creating a special board reading:


he has taken a prime position outside his local Plumbing Trade Supplies centre and is handing out his card to sympathetic passers-by. He has been met by support and many people have been impressed by his pro-active approach to getting into training to be a plumber. According to one local: “I was a plumber for 18 years and I can say that it is a hard trade to break into.”

Here at Access we wish William all the best. As a top training provider we know how difficult training to be a plumber can be – especially when apprenticeship opportunities are thin on the ground. If you are looking into training to be a plumber and finding it difficult to get an apprenticeship, speak to our knowledgeable team here at Access Training. A number of our courses allow you to bypass  the apprenticeship requirement and take this stress out of training to be a plumber. For more information call today on 0800 345 7492.

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